"A refreshingly humourous and light hearted children's book for all ages"

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Our Story

Floyd is stealing everyone's hearts - and their belongings!

Floyd is a small mischievous ginger cat that has a stealing problem, but is finding a way to unite and connect the neighbourhood with his antics.



Floyd's book came out in February 2022 and we are now on the 5th print run and in 9 stores from Warkworth to Christchurch so far. Plus copies have been sent all over the world for young and old to enjoy!


About the humans

There have been quite a few humans involved in Floyd's story. I want to thank my family and friends who have supported and encouraged me to do this. And to the amazing, wonderful team at Precise Print in Paraparaumu that have printed my book. Illustrated by the amazing Garry Fox, graphic design and website support guru Kim Wingate, edited by Kate Lattey, Sean Donnelly the managing director for kicking me up the bum when I wanted to give up and the amazing print team behind the scene that put it all together. Thank you everyone that follows Floyd and his tails.


Kathy Gabriel

Kathy is Floyd's servant, keeper and feeder. She lives in a little place in Horowhenua, New Zealand. She spends her time creating sculptural art, jewellery and writing about Floyd antics. Whilst finding ways to deter and entertain Floyd and the other fur babies from getting into too much mischief.

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Garry Fox

Garry is an incredible illustrator with the amazing ability to listen to your story and bring it to life!  And he's not only a fabulous illustrator, but a funny, creative, clever and all round a good bloke!

I tried to get a photo of him and he told me he is no shrinking violet, yet seems to do his thing under his own terms and not in any limelight. But OMG! You should see his illustrations!