Kathy thank you so much, the girls are absolutely buzzing with excitement about Floyd and your book about him they really enjoyed it. We are very grateful you chose our girls to read your book to, our 3 year old was walking around talking about Floyd after you left. Also, after you left our 11 year old was bouncing up and down telling me I have to buy your book when it comes out she’s so excited about it. We love your book you have done amazing with it. Thank you for the opportunity as well it was amazing being the first audience other than your family for your reading of Floyd the kleptomaniac cat.


Thank you Floyd and family of Floyd, for creating the book and having one of the first reads of your funny little story we loved this story a lot. We cannot wait for the release of your new book and looking forward to more of your tails.


I read your story to my 4 year old for the first time tonight. He loved it and said he wants to read it again tomorrow. Thank you


Thankyou so much Floyd for bringing my girls so much joy and your human as well for writing about your tails 🥰🥰🥰 we absolutely love our copy and loved seeing your tiny little paw prints they are so cute!! To say my girls were excited would be an understatement that's for sure as the youngest was climbing all over me wanting to have your book to herself and the eldest just wanted me to read it and let her see the pictures they didn't get to see last time. We all giggled and laughed and enjoyed the tails of Floyd again 🥰🥰🥰


THANK YOU Kathy, just cleared the mailbox & unwrapped Floyd's book. Love it, the story & illustrations sooo good.


Arrived today. Absolutely love it. Thank you so much